New Website

New website is a work in progress. Built with WordPress, it supports mobile and tablet devices, a sleek modern design as well as front and back end feature upgrades.

Still to come:

  • SC Catalog – No longer using. WooCommer is much easier and has more options, including search.
  • Facebook – Create page and link. Need to modify user for blog so i’m not on it.
  • Add collections
  • Edit specials balloon to be blue not green
  • Edit Sidebar to have disclaimer for the archive page
  • Find product image size to make all images. W432 x H384 pixels
  • Update to WordPress 3.5 has broken the fluid layout for mobile devices. Need to fix. Bummer
  • Jewellery link must be shop. All the products look for that word, so while it’s jewellery, the actual link is shop
  • Update emails
  • Create Users
  • Chrome Bug. Maybe can’t fix?
  • wp-login.php change to /login
  • Email signup for new blog posts? Could use to advertise specials
  • White space on mobile site is due to the nav not hiding properly. This should be fixed when the nav is fixed. Nope? Not sure why.
  • Comment bubble. Leave as is, not needed
  • Comments still on Services page, check to see if on all pages or just this one.